Find a Charter photo challenge

This is my Charter

As a Canadian, you can count on your fundamental rights and freedoms. Your freedom to speak out, follow religious beliefs or choose not to, and participate in Canadian democracy, are guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

These rights ensure each of us can participate in society. They also have a significant impacts on our lives and communities. Show your pride by finding a copy of the Charter near you and sharing a photo of it with the rest of Canada using #thisismycharter and #Charter35. Let’s show how widespread and important the Charter is in our lives.

Share your Charter on social media

No matter how big or small your community is, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Charter somewhere near you. Represent your hometown, school, or workplace by sharing a photo of the Charter in your community and show us where you saw it.

Use #Charter35 and #thisismycharter on Twitter and show us where you found a copy of the Charter.

Looking for a copy of the Charter

You might find a copy of the Charter in:

Around the world

The Charter has had an incredible international impact and has been used as a model for shaping rights and freedoms around the world. It even travelled into space in 1984. If you find a copy of the Charter outside of Canada (eg. Embassy), join the conversation on Twitter using #Charter35 to share where you’ve seen it.

Get a copy

Download a digital copy of the Charter to share on social media, or to print and display in your home or classroom.

If you prefer to receive a hard copy, you can order a copy of the Charter and display it proudly in your home or classroom.

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