Multijuralism: Manifestations, Causes and Consequences

Table of Contents


  • Albert Breton, Emeritus Professor, Department of Economics, University of Toronto.
  • Anne Des Ormeaux, Legal Counsel, Legal Dualism, Department of Justice Canada.
  • Katharina Pistor, Professor of Law, Columbia Law School, Columbia University.
  • Pierre Salmon, Emeritus Professor, Laboratoire d'économie et de gestion, Université de Bourgogne.

  • 1. International Treaties and Conventions as Agents of Convergence and Multijuralism in Domestic Legal Systems
    John H. Currie, Associate Professor, Common Law Section, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.
  • 2. The Reception of Indigenous Legal Systems in Canada
    Sébastien Grammond, Dean and Associate Professor, Civil Law Section, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.
  • 3. Family Law's Legal Pluralism: Private "Opting-Out" in Canada and South Africa
    Annie Bunting, Associate Professor, Law & Society Program, York University, Toronto.
  • 4. Regulatory and Sanctioning Powers of Independent Administrative Authorities in French Law
    Alice Pezard, Conseiller à la Cour de cassation, France; Associate Professor, Université Paris-Sud XI.
  • 5. European Contract Law: Towards an Optional Instrument?
    Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, Professor of Law, Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II.
  • 6. Comparative Reflection on the Transposition of European Directives: Unfair Terms
    Elise Poillot, Professor of Law, Université du Luxembourg.
  • 7. The Role of International Law Firms and Multijural Human Capital in the Harmonization of Legal Regimes
    Gillian K. Hadfield, Professor of Law and of Economics, University of Southern California Law School, Los Angeles.
  • 8. Standard Contracts in Financial Law: An Emerging New Legal Order
    Marc Favero, General Secretary & Legal Director, Brink's France.
  • 9. Strategies of Displacement and Other Violations of Territoriality: Cybercrime, the World Wide Web and the Ambit of Criminal Law.
    Gareth Sansom, Director, Technology and Analysis, Criminal Law Policy Section, Department of Justice Canada.
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