Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Facilitated variation services, Support Variation Project (Saskatchewan)


Type of service
Support Recalculation Services

Services offered
The Facilitated Variation Service is available to any parties who agree to use the service, to help them vary child support orders or agreements to reflect current income. This program provides child support calculations and assists in drafting updated child support agreements or orders. Staff also make appropriate referrals.

Pilot or ongoing service

Department responsible
Ministry of Justice

How to access this service
To contact the Support Variation Project, call 306-787-5837 in the Regina area, or 1-888-218-2822 elsewhere in Saskatchewan, or email Both parties must agree to participate in the program, and reside in Saskatchewan. In appropriate cases, where only one party resides in Saskatchewan, the parties may access the service if they both consent to participate.

The Facilitated Variation Service is located in Regina.
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English. Other languages as required.

Pamphlets about the Support Variation project are available in Queen’s Bench Court Houses and several government offices.

There is no charge to use the program, however parties may have to pay court fees to issue a new court order.

Governing legislation/legislative authority
Not applicable

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