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Helpful Links

This page provides links to reference sources on the Canadian justice system, legislation, the courts, and other public justice institutions.

Canada’s System of Justice

Legal Jurisdictions

The authority to make laws in Canada is divided between the Government of Canada and the provincial and territorial governments. The federal government deals with matters that affect all of Canada, such as criminal law, trade between provinces, telecommunications, immigration (with the exception of Quebec) and extradition, and fisheries. The provinces and territories make laws in such areas as education, property and health services.

Canada’s Department of Justice – Department of Justice publication on the role of the Department, what it does and its responsibilities.

Provincial and Territorial Departments of Justice/Attorney General

Canada’s Court System

Canada's Court System – Department of Justice publication providing a general description of the court system in Canada, the types and levels of courts and their responsibilities.

Federal Courts

Provincial Courts

Administrative Tribunals – federal and provincial agencies that exercise some form of quasi-judicial decision making. Mandates and responsibilities include human rights and freedoms, economic regulatory matters, socioeconomic matters and appeals.

Laws of Canada

Justice Information and Education


Public Legal Education and Information – these organizations help toprovide citizens with the legal information they need to make informed decisions and participate effectively in the justice system. These organizations do not give "legal advice"; they provide information or referrals about various aspects of the law; for example, new legislation; child support guidelines; rights of victims; family violence; or youth justice.

Canadian Legal Information Institutea not-for-profit organization launched by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada with the goal of making primary sources of Canadian law accessible at no charge on the Internet.

Law Organizations

Law Enforcement

Public Safety Canadaworks in close collaboration with federal, provincial, territorial and international law enforcement and border security agencies to develop appropriate national policies for new and evolving crime and border issues. Its portfolio includes:

Provincial Police

Municipal Police