Abuse Is Wrong In Any Culture: for First Nations and Métis people

Spiritual Teachings

Many First Nations and Métis people view health and well-being through spiritual teachings, such as the Medicine Wheel teachings. In the Medicine Wheel, all four sections are connected and work together to achieve health, well-being and balance. Each colour represents a different direction (North, East, South, West) and a different area of human development.

The Medicine Wheel: Description of image can be found below

I am your relative; my father is Sun, the source of life; my mother is Earth, who provides life with nourishment; my grandmother Moon, who provides light when there is darkness; and my grandfather is Morning Star, providing the guidance to a new day.

The Medicine Wheel can help identify the behaviours and feelings associated with family violence and can be a useful tool in exploring solutions to relationship violence.

The Mental section: Learning about your Nation's history, the dynamics of family violence or improving your education are very helpful in keeping your mind healthy and active.

The Spiritual section: Taking part in your traditional practices, such as cleansing and sweat-lodge ceremonies or cultural dance is healing to your soul and spirit.

The Physical section: Taking care of your body through medical help, exercise or other activities you enjoy helps your body become or keep fit. Alcohol and substance misuse are not good for anyone's body.

The Emotional section: Keeping the company of people you enjoy (such as those you can laugh with) is healthy and healing; talking to Elders can stabilize your emotions, and help put life experiences into a realistic perspective.

If you live in an abusive relationship, you and your children cannot achieve the health, well-being and balance that are the root of Medicine Wheel teachings.

Other spiritual teachings, such as the Seven Grandfathers teachings, also talk of respect, honesty and truth as the basis for a healthy relationship.

"You need Respect for yourself and for other people
Speak the Truth if you want others to believe you
Be Honest with your peers and it'll keep it Equal
The more Love You Give
The better life you live

Be Brave enough to tell a friend if you're scared
We're all Human we can show each other that we Care
With the Wisdom of an Elder we can learn to Share
The more Love You Give
The better life you live."

From "Love You Give" reproduced with the permission of Minwaashin Lodge

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