Victims of Trafficking in Persons: Perspectives from the Canadian Community Sector

Community Research Reports Related to Trafficking

  • Canadian Council for Refugees. CCR: Trafficking in Women and Girls.

  • Exotic Dancer Association of Canada. Sex Trade Advocacy and Research (STAR) Report.

  • Mujer. Coming to Dance, Striving to Survive: A Study on Latin American Migrant Exotic Dancers.

  • The Future Group. The future of Southeast Asia: Challenges of Trafficking in persons and Child Sex Slavery.

  • Association des aides familiales du Québec. Le métier d’aide familiale : à la recherche d’un salaire équitable.

  • Stella. La question du “trafic des femmes” : Points de repères dans la documentation des coalitions féministes internationales anti-trafic

  • DAARE (Direct Action Against Refugee Exploitation). Movements across borders: Chinese Women Immigrants in Canada.

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