An Estimation of the Economic Impact of Violent Victimization in Canada, 2009

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Text Boxes

  • Text Box G.1: Counselling for Victims of Violent Crime
  • Text Box G.2: Criminal Injuries Compensation and Financial Benefit Programs
  • Text Box G.3: Federal Income Support for Parents of Murdered or Missing Children
  • Text Box C.1: Legal Aid for Accused in Criminal Harassment Cases
  • Text Box S.1: Sexual Assault and Civil Actions
  • Text Box S.2: Motions for Third Party Records

List of Acronyms

2004 GSS or GSS 2004
2004 General Social Survey, Cycle 18, Victimization
2009 GSS or GSS 2009
2009 General Social Survey, Cycle 23, Victimization
Adult Criminal Court Survey
Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
Courts Personnel and Expenditure Survey
2009 General Social Survey, Cycle 23, Victimization
GSS (alternate)
General Social Survey (“GSS” is used here in reference to the General Social Survey project in general, not to one specific cycle; the intended meaning will be clear from context)
Prosecutions Personnel and Expenditure Survey
Uniform Crime Reporting Survey 2
Victim Services Survey
Youth Court Survey
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