Annual Report to Parliament 2011-2012
Access to Information Act

Description Appendix A

Appendix: Listing the title of each position, this organizational structure chart describes how the ATIP office is organized:

  • The head of the office is the Director.
  • 1 Chief of Policy, 1 Chief of Operations, 1 Legal Counsel, and 1 Administrative Assistant directly report to the Director.
  • 1 Policy, Evaluation and Reporting Advisor and 1 Systems Administrator reports to the Chief of Policy.
  • 3 Senior Advisors/Team Leaders and 3 Senior Advisors report to the Chief of Operations.
  • 1 team is composed of an intake unit, which comprises 3 Analysts, 4 Junior Analysts and 1 Processing Assistant. Additionally, 1 team is composed of 5 ATIP Advisors and the remaining one of 4 ATIP Advisors.
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