Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Grant and Contribution Details: 2015-2016 - 3rd Quarter
Recipient Name: ÉDUCALOI
Location: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Date: 2015-12-22
Value: $67,805.00
Type: Grant
Purpose: Éducaloi proposes to develop public legal education resource material targeting youth in conflict with the law, their parents and/or other significant supports. By providing neutral information intended to demystify the youth criminal justice process, this material will address key questions common among youth and their parents regarding the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), the court process and potential outcomes following police intervention. Éducaloi proposes to work in consultation with the police and with alternative justice organizations to develop and pilot content to be published on the organization's website and on the internet. A short, key highlights document will also be made available in print. A distribution campaign will target secondary schools, and various community organizations offering support services to both youth and their families.
Comments: Multi-year Project: from 20152016 to 20162017
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