Opportunities for Students

Articling (Legal Excellence Program)

The Department of Justice provides articling students with the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge, skills and experience for practicing law. The Legal Excellence Program benefits Civil Law and Common Law students, and those in the combined Civil/Common Law National Program. In addition to unique learning and professional development opportunities, the Department of Justice also provides a competitive salary.

For information on articling opportunities across Canada and how to apply, please visit The Legal Excellence Program.

Federal Student Work Experience Program

The Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) provides students with opportunities to learn about the federal government and gain valuable experience while developing their skills and improving their ability to become more employable.

The FSWEP inventory is accessible year-round. Students can work full-time during a non-academic term (e.g., summer) or part-time during an academic term.

Cooperative Education (Co-op)/Internship Program

The Department of Justice participates in the Public Service’s Post-secondary Co-op/Internship Program, which provides post-secondary students with relevant and practical work experience to fulfill the requirements of their academic program. Through the Program, the Department looks to recruit the best students and benefit from current theories and the fresh ideas and energy that students bring to the workplace.

For more information on PSC program approval criteria, and educational institution and student requirements, visit the Program’s Web site.

The Quebec Regional office offers CO-OP Internship Program for Paralegal Technology. The purpose of the co-op program is to recruit interns who are completing their college diploma in paralegal studies.

Paid internship offers for the winter session are usually posted in the fall in educational institutions that offer paralegal studies programs and that have completed the Public Service Commission approval procedure for their program of study. Contact your placement service or the person responsible for internships within your program of study.

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