Have your say on the transformation of Canada’s justice system

Over the past year, we’ve heard from a number of key stakeholders on how the criminal justice system should be transformed. Now we’re opening up the opportunity for input to all Canadians – we want to know what you think!

Justice Canada has launched public consultations on the Transformation of the Criminal Justice System. We are seeking the views of Canadians on how we can ensure that the criminal justice system reflects the evolving needs of our society.

Canada’s criminal justice system must be just, compassionate and fair, and promote a safe, peaceful and prosperous Canadian society.

Remember to check this page for updates as the consultation process moves forward.

Consultation tools and resources

Have your say

What does a transformed Canadian justice system look like to you? If you have views on the approach and actions that Canada needs to take to transform the criminal justice system, you can send us your proposals or share your thoughts over email: CJSR_RSJP@justice.gc.ca.

Rules of engagement

We look forward to hearing from you on how to improve Canada’s criminal justice system. Please note that we do not provide any direct legal assistance or advice to the general public or assist in legal research. For legal advice or assistance, we recommend contacting a lawyer or a legal aid program.

Please refer to our Guide to Canadian Legal Information to find:

  • statutes
  • regulations
  • recent legislation
  • court decision
  • constitutional documents and related materials

Be respectful

Your question and/or comment must not contain profanity or discrimination on the basis of:

  • race
  • national or ethnic origin
  • religion
  • sex
  • age
  • mental or physical disability
  • sexual orientation

Be accountable

Your question or suggestion must be:

  • relevant to the Criminal Justice System Review or information found on the website
  • in either French or English
  • coherent and intelligible
  • considerate of your privacy and the privacy of others (do not include your phone number or other personal information)

Be patient

Please do not submit your comment or question more than once. All questions and comments may be subject to review by a Justice Canada moderator prior to replying. Generally, we respond within five to seven business days. If we have to consult others to answer your questions, it may take longer for you to receive a reply. Participants will be informed by email if their question or comment fails to adhere to the above rules of engagement.

Please note

Justice Canada respects the Official Languages Act, and is committed to responding to emails in the official language (English or French) in which it was asked.

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