Modernizing Canada’s Privacy Act – Engaging with Canadians

Engagement with Indigenous Partners (2022)

Justice Canada has continued to engage with Indigenous partners on modernizing the Privacy Act throughout 2022, building on several themes and questions identified in its initial engagement of 2020-2021. In the latest What We Learned Report entitled, Report on 2022 Engagement with Indigenous Partners: Summary of Responses to the What We Have Learned (so far) and Next Steps Report, the feedback received from Indigenous partners in response to these questions and themes is summarized.

Summary of Responses to the What We Have Learned (so far) and Next Steps Report

Initial Engagement with Indigenous Partners (Spring 2020 – Spring 2021)

Justice Canada first sought to engage with governments and organizations representing the distinct perspectives of First Nations, Inuit and Métis in the context of modernizing the Privacy Act. A ‘What We Have Learned’ Report summarizing the initial input received from Indigenous partners who participated in engagement sessions with Justice Canada in 2020-2021 is available online. The report provides a common basis for continuing the conversation, and sets out an approach for future engagement on modernizing the Privacy Act.

What We Have Learned (so far) and Next Steps

Online Public Consultation (Fall 2020 – Winter 2021)

As part of its commitment to modernize Canada’s Privacy Act, Justice Canada held an online public consultation in fall/winter 2020-2021 to obtain the views of Canadians on how the Act can be updated. Feedback received as part of the consultation has been summarized and published in a ‘What We Heard’ Report, and will help inform potential amendments to the Privacy Act.

What We Heard Report

Discussion Paper

Submissions Received

Preliminary Targeted Technical Engagement (Summer and Fall 2019)

Prior to the online public consultation, Justice Canada engaged with expert stakeholders in 2019, to obtain their views and feedback on technical and legal considerations for modernizing the Privacy Act. A series of technical papers provided a foundation for these discussions. Stakeholder feedback was summarized in a ‘What We Heard’ Report in 2019.

What We Heard Report

Discussion Papers

  1. Privacy principles and modernized rules for a digital age
  2. Transparency and accountability: demonstrating the commitment and respect necessary to facilitate trust
  3. Greater certainty for Canadians and government: delineating the contours of the Privacy Act and defining important concepts
  4. A modern and effective compliance framework with enhanced enforcement mechanisms
  5. Modernizing the Privacy Act’s relationship with Indigenous peoples in Canada