Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

Family Law Information Program (Nova Scotia)

Nova Scotia

Type of service
Information & Resource Centres

Services offered
The Family Law Information Program (FLIP) provides information to clients, especially those who are representing themselves in court, about court processes, legal topics, court programs and related services like conciliation. The program helps clients prepare for court, demystifies the court process, and reduces the pressure on Judges to educate people who represent themselves. The program also provides community referrals.

There are two on-site FLIP Centres, in Sydney and in Halifax, with staff that will provide:

  • information about family law and court processes and services
  • written materials on various family law topics
  • information and brochures for related community agencies
  • scheduled information sessions on topics like the divorce process
  • community referrals - FLIP provides referral information for helpful services like Nova Scotia Legal Aid, the Lawyer Referral Service, and many other counselling and community support agencies.

FLIP is also available online through the Nova Scotia Family Law website. The website is a public legal information source, focused on family law, that contains a wide range of information and tools to assist parties involved in the Nova Scotia family justice system and to enhance public awareness and understanding of the family justice system. The Nova Scotia Family Law website navigates the user though legal information, processes and services, provides application guides, and links the user to online court forms.

To visit the Nova Scotia Family Law website, go to

Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing project in Sydney and Halifax

Department responsible
Nova Scotia Department of Justice

How to access this service
Court officers, judges and other professionals or community agencies may make referrals to the FLIP. Parties may also self refer.

The on-site FLIP Centres are available in Sydney and Halifax, in the Family Division sites. The FLIP is also available online through
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Governing legislation/legislative authority
Not applicable

Contact person(s)
To access this service, contact the justice center which is responsible for the file. Contact information about the various justice centers in Nova Scotia may be found at:

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