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Judicial Dispute Resolution (Alberta)


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Family Court Services

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Judicial Dispute Resolution (or JDR) is a confidential pre-trial settlement conference led by a Judge (in Provincial Court matters) or Justice (in Court of Queen's Bench matters). The objective of a JDR is to resolve the dispute so a trial will be either unnecessary, or at most limited to those issues on which the parties do not agree. The parties meet with a Judge or Justice to confidentially discuss the background of the case and what the parties feel is important in the case. The participants will then discuss possible solutions. If no agreement is reached, the Judge or Justice may give a non-binding opinion of what decision they would make if this case and these facts were presented at trial. The Judge or Justice's non-binding opinion may help the parties and their lawyers reach a resolution without having to go to trial. A settlement is only reached if everyone agrees. Once a Judge or Justice hears a case through the JDR process, he or she cannot act as the Judge or Justice at trial.

Binding JDRs are also available at the Court of Queen's Bench. In these cases the parties agree that the Justice's opinion will be binding.

Pilot or ongoing service
Ongoing service

Department responsible
Court of Queen's Bench and Provincial Court of Alberta

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The Court or your lawyer can refer you.

JDR is available in the Provincial Court and the Court of Queens Bench in Alberta.
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English. Services may also be available in French depending on location and availability of resources.

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