Funding Opportunity

The call for proposals entitled “Additional Supports for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence involved in the Family Justice System” is now closed.

Additional Supports for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence involved in the Family Justice System


The Justice Partnership and Innovation Program (JPIP) is launching a call for proposals to support efforts to improve family justice system responses to intimate partner violence by enhancing victim safety, increasing access to services and promoting safe case outcomes for family members.

Through Budget 2021, the Government of Canada announced an investment of $35 million over 5 years for enhanced family justice system supports for victims of intimate partner violence as part of efforts to advance the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence.

JPIP provides contribution funding for projects that support ensuring a fair, relevant and accessible Canadian justice system. JPIP supports activities that respond effectively to the changing conditions affecting Canadian justice policy. Priorities include access to justice, family violence, and emerging justice issues. The long-term goal of JPIP is to contribute to increasing access to the Canadian justice system and strengthening the Canadian legal framework.

Objectives of the Funding

The objective of this funding is to improve support and access to justice for victims of intimate partner violence who are involved in the family justice system. To support this objective, the Government of Canada has allocated resources through the JPIP for projects that will support a range of activities that assist victims of intimate partner violence to access and navigate the family justice system and improve justice system responses. For example, these activities could include:

Note: if you require clarification on whether your proposed project aligns with this funding opportunity, please contact for assistance.


Length of Project

Multi-year projects are eligible, with funding available from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2026.

How much funding is available for each project?

The level of funding will vary from project to project based on the nature and scope of the proposed activities.

Funds are limited and there is a need to ensure a regional distribution of the limited funds. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to fund all eligible projects.

Who can apply for this funding?

*It is recommended that you include partnership letters as part of your application package if possible. This will ensure a collaborative and informed approach to ensure good representation across jurisdictions.

Reporting and Deliverables

Successful applicants will be required to complete project reporting, which may include the collection of disaggregated data for client services. All templates will be provided by the Department of Justice Canada (Justice Canada).

Key project deliverables will include:

Key Considerations

The following key considerations should be applied in developing applications for this funding opportunity, and evidenced in your proposals:

Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

Using a GBA+ lens involves applying a gender and diversity sensitive approach to your work. Projects under this initiative will need to integrate a GBA+ lens and be able to take into account relevant intersectional factors, such as race, ethnicity, gender, income, age, disability, language, immigration status, etc., to address the experiences of diverse populations. When preparing your proposal, please elaborate on how your proposed activities will consider and impact diverse individuals and communities.

Official Languages

In support of Section 41 of the Official Languages Act, Justice Canada is committed to facilitating the participation of official language minority communities and their organizations in the development and assessment of Justice's policies, programs and services having significant impact on the development of the communities; and to taking measures to ensure that Justice Canada's programs and services reach official language minority communities. In the context of project funding, these measures include:

Additional Information

When is the deadline to submit a funding application?

The call for proposals entitled “Additional Supports for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence involved in the Family Justice System” is now closed.

How to Apply for Funding

To submit your application, you may use the web-based form below. Please note that information cannot be saved when completing the web form. Please ensure you are able to complete the form in a single session before starting.

If you would like to obtain a Word version of the application form and submit via email, please contact us at

Please note that you will receive a confirmation of receipt within 7 days of submitting your proposal. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us by phone at 613-941-4193.

Information Session

It is recommended that interested applicants watch a pre-recorded information session on how to apply for this call for proposals.

To receive a copy of the pre-recorded information session, please send an email to the following address:

Additional Information

If you have additional questions while completing your application, we would be happy to help you and are available by email at: or by phone at 613-941-4193.

Please note that funding is limited, and therefore, not all eligible projects will be funded. The Department of Justice Canada thanks you for taking the time to complete and submit an application for funding.