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Message from Bill Kroll, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Deputy Minister, Management Sector

Update # 10: April 1 – COVID-19: Mobility and access to essential infrastructure

As you may be aware, some provinces have begun to limit the movement of people within or across their boundaries to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the Government of Quebec has announced measures to limit non-essential travel in and around the province in certain regions, including the Outaouais.

We recognize that in light of this, some employees who provide critical services and must be in the workplace or elsewhere to do so may have questions about how they can cross interprovincial borders at this time.

This evening, the Chief Human Resources Officer, Nancy Chahwan, at TBS advised that critical federal workers can continue to travel freely across and within provinces and territories upon the production of both valid government identification and another piece of valid photo identification.

The Department has equipped managers with a letter to attest to the critical nature of their employee’s work. Managers also have access to a template letter for employees who need to come into work on occasion to provide critical services. These letters can be used, along with identification, if authorities request further proof of an employee’s need to travel. To obtain such a letter, employees are encouraged to speak with their manager.

We are monitoring this situation and we will inform you of any further developments.

We continue to support public health agencies’ instructions to limit travel to critical work, and all Justice employees should be teleworking if they are able to do so. Our common priority is ending the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the health and safety of our communities.

Be safe, be healthy and have a good evening everyone.

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