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Message from Bill Kroll, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Deputy Minister, Management Sector

Update # 11: April 2 – Network Access and Leave Requests

Dear colleagues,

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we must respond by adapting our processes as needed. Last night I shared an update regarding the current process for interprovincial travel. Today, I would like to share some recent changes to our procedures regarding network access and leave requests.

Network Access

Following a successful upgrade that significantly increased our bandwidth, we have reduced the limitations on network usage. All employees are still urged to follow our best practices, but they may now access the network even during the peak period of 9:30 to 4:30 EDT.

During these hours, employees are encouraged to use the network conscientiously: avoid uploading or downloading very large files and disconnect from the Virtual Private Network (click Disconnect in the Cisco AnyConnect dialogue box) whenever you are not actively working. Activities that were previously on hold, such as submitting and approving leave requests in PeopleSoft and Phoenix, or timekeeping in LEX, can now be carried out by managers and employees as they are able to do so.

Leave Requests

In order to help contain the COVID-19 outbreak and prevent further spread, the Department of Justice continues to request that all employees who are operationally able to work from home do so.

School and daycare closures have now been extended into May in a number of jurisdictions. Previous provisions regarding the use of code 699 (“other leave with pay”) still apply until further notice.

I realize that some employees have questions about changes to work arrangements in this unprecedented situation. My colleagues and I are doing our utmost to find answers and share them as quickly as possible. For example, additional information about leave and timekeeping will be shared with managers in the coming days and posted on the Justice Canada COVID-19 employee webpage. I encourage you to check there regularly for the latest updates.

Thank you again for your continued support.

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