Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter No. 3

In this issue


In matters of official language minorities, we talk about the French-speaking communities outside of Quebec and the English-speaking community within Quebec. But do they face the same challenges? The same issues? What is the distinction between these communities? Do they require different kinds of initiatives?

This issue of the Newsletter does not claim to answer these questions, but rather to present some of the means used by the Department of Justice Canada’s Justice in Official Languages (JOL) Team and its partners to better serve these communities. A greater understanding of the realities and characteristics of official language minority communities is essential to the development of profitable partnerships that respect the communities’ diversity.

The following pages highlight Éducaloi, an organization that works to enhance access to justice in Quebec by providing public legal education and information. We also present a few initiatives that have been developed to meet the needs and specific requirements of Quebec’s English-speaking community.


The JOL Team