Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter

Number 16: Summer 2017

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Word of Welcome

As the summer break draws near, we are delighted to bring you the 16th issue of our Newsletter.

A new Departmental Action Plan on Official Languages will be implemented by the Department of Justice Canada. Since April 2016, the Official Languages Directorate and the Human Resources Branch have been working together to produce this new tool to ensure the full implementation of the Official Languages Act within the Department. The Action Plan preserves existing policies and corporate structures and will be in effect from April 2017 to March 2022.

Thanks to the Société franco-manitobaine, Infojustice Manitoba officially opened in May. The Department is once again delighted to support the establishment of a new justice information hub through the Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Support Fund.

To keep abreast of projects and initiatives with a section 41 component, don’t miss the “A Look At” and “Spotlight On” sections. We call your attention in particular to Capsule 41, featuring Jean-Daniel Boulet, a counsel in the Aboriginal Law Unit in the Prairie Region and Manitoba’s Section 41 Coordinator.

Have a great summer!

The Justice in Official Languages Team