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Correctional programs in federal corrections

Collection source : Correctional Service of Canada
What it is? : This indicator represents the number and percentage of individuals under federal correctional supervision who completed a Nationally Recognized Correctional Program (NRCP) prior to Full Parole Eligibility Date (FPED). The percentage is calculated based on the total number of offenders who reached FPED with an identified program need (e.g., education, family/marital, associates, attitudes, community functioning, personal/emotional, and substance abuse). Correctional programs are designed to target specific risk and need factors that are related to criminal behaviours.
Why is it important? : Correctional programs contribute to public safety through assessment activities and program interventions for individuals under federal correctional supervision that are designed to assist their rehabilitation and facilitate their successful reintegration into the community as law-abiding citizens. These programs are designed to target specific risk and need factors that are related to criminal behaviours, which may include friends and associates, history of criminal behaviour, harmful thoughts, history of family violence, education, employment history, and substance abuse. An increase in the percentage of individuals who completed a correctional program before the full parole eligibility date may indicate that individuals are more prepared for reintegration.
Direction of improvement : An increase in this indicator could indicate an improvement in supports for rehabilitation and reintegration.
Geographic coverage : Canada
Limitation : For detailed notes, click on the export to spreadsheet function.
Direction : The value decreased from the previous year and is not moving in the defined direction of improvement.
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