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Educational programs in federal corrections

Collection source : Correctional Service of Canada
What it is? : The indicator represents the number and percentage of offenders under federal correctional supervision who increased their educational level, completed a specific course, or received an educational assessment indicating the need was addressed prior to Full Parole Eligibility Date (FPED) per the total number of offenders who reached FPED with an identified education need that is reflected in their correctional plan. An education need is identified when: a) the education assessment result is less than grade 12 and the assessment category is either functional, documented or current level; or b) a referral is accepted for an education program and the assignment status is not withdrawn or cancelled.
Why is it important? : The goal of correctional educational programs is to help improve individuals' literacy, academic, and personal development skills. Improving education qualifications increases individuals' chances of a successful reintegration into society. An increase in the percentage of individuals under federal correctional supervision who upgraded their education prior to full parole eligibility date may indicate that individuals are more prepared for reintegration.
Direction of improvement : An increase in this indicator could indicate an improvement in supports for rehabilitation and reintegration.
Geographic coverage : Canada
Limitation : "To be included in the results, the education assessment or the referral needed to be completed 120 days after the warrant of committal for determinate offenders. Offenders with an indeterminate sentence are excluded. For detailed notes, click on the export to spreadsheet function."
Direction : The value decreased from the previous year and is not moving in the defined direction of improvement.
Resources :

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