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Individuals under federal correctional supervision who secure employment before their sentence ends

Collection source : Correctional Service of Canada
What it is? : This indicator represents the number and percentage of individuals under federal correctional supervision who obtained community employment prior to sentence expiry date (SED) per the total number of offenders who reached SED with an identified intake employment need who were available for employment in the community. The SED is the date a criminal sentence officially ends, as imposed by the courts at the time of sentencing. Individuals who reach their warrant expiry date after completing their entire sentence are no longer under the jurisdiction of Correctional Service of Canada.
Why is it important? : Securing employment in the community of individuals under federal correctional supervision increases the chances of successful reintegration into society.
Direction of improvement : An increase in this indicator could indicate an improvement in supports for rehabilitation and reintegration.
Geographic coverage : Canada
Limitation : For detailed notes, click on the export to spreadsheet function.
Direction : The value decreased from the previous year and is not moving in the defined direction of improvement.
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