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Admission of Indigenous adults to federal correctional services

Collection source : Adult Correctional Services Survey and the Integrated Correctional Services Survey, Statistics Canada
What it is? : This indicator represents the number and percentage of Indigenous adult admissions to federal correctional services. Admissions are counted each time an individual begins or moves to a new type of custody or community supervision.
Why is it important? : A decrease in this indicator could mean a reduction in systemic discrimination and an improvement of the socio-economic factors that contribute to the overrepresentation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system.
Direction of improvement : The expected direction of improvement for this indicator is a decrease.
Geographic coverage : Canada
Limitation : An individual is counted more than once in the admissions counts if they move from one type of legal status to another or re-enters the correctional system in the same year. For more detailed notes, click on the export to spreadsheet function.
Direction : The value increased from the previous year and is not moving in the defined direction of improvement.
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