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State of the Criminal Justice System Dashboard

Administration of justice offences in adult criminal courts

Collection source : Integrated Criminal Court Survey, Statistics Canada
What it is? : This indicator represents the number and percentage of cases in adult criminal court in which the most serious offence in the case is an administration of justice offence. Administration of justice offences include the Criminal Code violations of failure to appear, failure to comply with conditions, breach of probation, escape or help escape from custody, prisoner unlawfully at large, and other offences against the administration of justice (for example, impersonating a peace officer).
Why is it important? : Administration of justice offences have been identified as contributing to delays and create a revolving door for many in the criminal justice system, especially Indigenous individuals and vulnerable and marginalized populations. A decrease in the number and percentage of administration of justice offences could contribute to a more efficient criminal justice system.
Direction of improvement : A decrease in this indicator could indicate an improvement in efficiency.
Geographic coverage : Canada (excludes information from superior courts in Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, as well as information from municipal courts in Quebec)
Limitation : For detailed notes, click on the export to spreadsheet function.
Direction : The value decreased from the previous year and is moving in the defined direction of improvement.
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