DR Program Evaluation

DR Program Evaluation

Presentation By Dispute Prevention and Resolution Services,
Department of Justice to the Philippine Delegation

September 22, 2003

Why Evaluate?

When to Evaluate?

What to Evaluate?

2 main types of DR evaluations:

  1. Program Effectiveness Evaluations (impact/outcome/summative)
    • focus on whether DR program meeting its goals and/or having the desired impact
  2. Program Design and Administration Evaluations (process/formative)
    • focus on how a DR program can be improved
    • Comprehensive evaluations should measure tangible and intangible benefits using both quantitative and qualitative data

What to Evaluate?

DR Program Managers typically seek to evaluate some/all of the following measures of “success” *:

(*See: Performance Indicators for ADR Program Evaluation included in materials)

What to Evaluate?

How to Evaluate?

Basic Steps in the Evaluation Process:

Who Should Evaluate?

May wish to have “advisory committee” of key stakeholders to assist in evaluation design, implementation and reporting

Evaluation Checklist

(Source: Federal ADR Program Manager’s Resource Manual)

Useful Evaluation Documents and A Few Evaluation Examples