Fraudulent e-mails

There have been recent reports of fraudulent e-mails being distributed that appear to be from the Department of Justice. In the e-mail the sender advises the recipient that the Department is issuing a summons so that the recipient will come to court.  The Department did not send this e-mail or authorize it to be sent.

If you’ve received a suspicious e-mail and wish to report it, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the agency responsible for dealing with fraudulent e-mails of this nature.

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Sample of fraudulent e-mail

This is a screenshot of a fraudulent e-mail claiming to be from the Department of Justice that began circulating in January 2019. So far, only English e-mails have been reported. 

Sample of fraudulent e-mail

Sample of fraudulent e-mail – Text version

Department of Justice

You are invited to the court

You are hereby summoned to visit to court to give confirmation.

It is extremely binding that you read the subpoena you received very carefully. This will state definitely what the pocess will be if you fail to do what is required of you. With regards Witness Care Unit agent [REMOVED].

Please, view court location and case details


This email is the part of The Crown Prosecution Service online notification project. – Department of Justice

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