Informal Conflict Management Systems Program Design

ICMS - What is it?

Informal Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) are systems for preventing and resolving workplace conflict. DPRS assisted other Departments and agencies in designing and setting up their ICMS services.

ICMS design and implementation services provided by Dispute Prevention and Resolution Services (DPRS)

DPRS, now conolidated into the Law Practice Management Division, provided a number of support services to other federal government departments and agencies in relation their ICMS Design Project in 2007. These services were built around two phases, namely Phase 1 on ICMS Design strictly speaking, and Phase 2 on ICMS Initial Implementation and Communication Strategy. Phase 1 included five consecutive steps from initial assessment to the final design.

Phase 1: ICMS Design

Step 1: Initial Assessment, Inquiry and Commitment

Step 2: Research, Analysis and Internal Alignment

Step 3: Stakeholder Diagnostics

Step 4: System Design

Phase 2: ICMS Initial Implementation and Communication Strategy

ICMS Background References

ICMS Resource Guide