International Relations

Canada has historically had a strong role as an active contributor to international efforts to address common challenges – including those related to justice systems. In an era when justice issues often cross borders and concerns such as organized crime and terrorism are prominent, the Government of Canada works closely with other countries to develop transnational responses and to learn from one another. The Government seeks to promote and protect Canadian values when international and transnational justice and security responses are being developed and implemented.

ILPS involvement in these areas centres on planning, coordinating and organizing approximately 40 international visits to and from the Department of Justice Canada in a typical year, notably:

The ILPS serves as a liaison between the Department of Justice Canada and international delegations that are interested in learning more about Canada's legal and judicial system, as well as Canadian approaches to specific justice system issues. International visitors with specific interests may see presentations, have opportunities to meet with experts and take advantage of options such as study tours across Canada. These efforts are supported by drawing on an extensive network of international, interjurisdictional, interdepartmental and non-governmental linkages, as well as engaging partners across the Department.