Salary and Benefits

Articling Positions

The Legal Excellence Program employs many articling students across the country in Common Law and in Civil Law.

Moncton, Fredericton, Charlottetown
Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary
Ottawa – Gatineau
Nunavut, NWT

Participants are subject to the regulations and benefits governing term employees of the Government of Canada.


Public Service Superannuation Plan
The Public Service Superannuation Plan supplements the Canada (or Quebec) Pension Plan. Benefits are based on age upon termination, years of pensionable service, and the average level of earnings (based on the six highest-paid, consecutive years of service).
Public Service Management Insurance Plan
This plan provides life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and dependants’ insurance.
Disability Insurance
This insurance plan provides up to 70 percent of salary to age 65 while disabled. Contributions paid to the underwriter are based on salary. The employer shares the cost of the coverage.
Supplementary Death Benefit
This benefit is similar to a term life insurance policy, and the amount of the benefit is double the employee’s annual salary. For every $250 of annual salary, each employee contributes five cents per month. Upon the death of an employee, a lump-sum payment is made to the beneficiary or estate.
Provincial Health Plans
Treasury Board pays a portion of an employee’s monthly provincial health plan premium. This amount will vary depending on place of residence.
Dental Care Plan
All Public Service employees appointed on an indeterminate basis or on a specified term basis for six months or more are covered under a free Dental Care Plan.
Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)
PSHCP is a voluntary plan to provide employees and their families with additional medical coverage.

Holidays and Leave

Most employees are entitled to three weeks of paid vacation leave annually, increasing to four weeks after five years of continuous service. Employees are also granted 11 holidays each year:

Sick Leave
Employees receive sick leave credits that accumulate at a rate of one and one-quarter days per month.
Leave without pay is available to an employee expecting or adopting a child.
Family-Related Responsibilities
Leave with pay may be granted for illness in the immediate family, meeting with school authorities, and medical or dental appointments. A maximum of five days per fiscal year may be granted under these circumstances.
On the death of a family member, leave with pay may be granted. The relationship of the deceased to the employee will determine the number of days permitted.
Personnel Selection
Leave with pay is granted for involvement in a personnel-selection process for a position in the federal Public Service.
Educational Leave
Depending on relevance to the duties being performed, educational leave may be granted with full, partial or no pay.
Other Types of Leave
Leave without pay is available for reasons such as personal needs, spouse relocation and the care and nurturing of school-age children.

Counsel Positions

For specific salary rates for Counsel Positions, please visit the Rates of Pay for the Public Service of Canada website.