Annex I – Abbreviations

Annex I – Abbreviations
Abbreviations Definitions
AOJO Administration of justice offences
C3P Canadian Centre for Child Protection
CCJCSS Canadian Centre for Justice and Community Safety Statistics
CCRA Correctional and Conditional Release Act
CJS Criminal justice system
CRTC Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
CSC Correctional Service of Canada
CSI Crime Severity Index
CDSA Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
DO Dangerous offender
EAH Elder Assisted Hearings
GSS General Social Survey
FPT Federal, provincial and territorial
ICCS Integrated Criminal Court Survey
ICWP Indigenous courtwork program
IJP Indigenous justice program
JUS Department of Justice Canada
MCIT Mobile crisis intervention teams
NJS National Justice Survey
NRCP Nationally Recognized Correctional Programs
OCI Office of the Correctional Investigator
PBC Parole Board of Canada
PHAC Public Health Agency Canada
PS Public Safety Canada
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RJ Restorative justice
SOCJS State of the Criminal Justice System
STC Statistics Canada