Consultation with Canadians report - Criminal Justice System

The Government of Canada would like to thank everyone who participated in this consultation, including those who took part in the roundtable discussions, the Choicebook, the online discussion forums, the Twitter Townhall, and other social media platforms.

By taking the time to participate in the consultation and share your views, you have contributed to the larger conversation about how Canada’s criminal justice system could be transformed to become more just, compassionate and fair for all Canadians. You have provided invaluable input that has been incorporated into this report and will also contribute to the broader review of the criminal justice system.

A special thank you to those who participated in the video vignettes. While it is not always easy to share such personal experiences, your stories helped Canadians to think about the criminal justice system and ways that it could be transformed.

While it is clear that transformation to the criminal justice system will not happen overnight, it is discussions like these that make the review a foundational starting point.

Findings presented in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Canada.

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