The Government of Canada works in partnership with both domestic and international stakeholders, including state, institutional and non-governmental organizations.

Taskforce on Human Trafficking

A Human Trafficking Taskforce, led by Public Safety Canada and comprised of key federal departments, is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. It is also responsible for commitments and for coordinating the federal anti-human trafficking response and reporting annually on progress to the public.

The taskforce strengthens the Government's response to human trafficking by developing policies, exchanging information, and facilitating cooperation. This enables the government to undertake targeted efforts that enable the sharing of resources and avoids duplication.

RCMP Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (HTNCC)

The RCMP Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (HTNCC) is active in raising awareness on Trafficking in Person issues to law enforcement, government, non-government agencies, prosecutors and the public. The HTNCC provides training to law enforcement and has developed training and awareness video as well as a tool kit which has been distributed to law enforcement across the country. The HTNCC is located in the Immigration and Passport Branch of RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa.

The HTNCC works with domestic and international agencies to develop and maintain partnerships, monitor investigations, process requests, provide analysis and intelligence feedback to Canadian law enforcement, and contribute to international data banks.