Policy Centre for Victim Issues

The Policy Centre for Victim Issues at the Department of Justice Canada works toward giving victims an effective voice in the criminal justice system by:

  • helping victims and their families understand their role in the criminal justice system and the laws, services and assistance available to support them;
  • ensuring that the perspectives of victims will be fully considered when relevant federal laws and policies are developed.
  • increasing awareness both within Canada and internationally about the needs of victims of crime and effective approaches to respond to those needs.

The Policy Centre for Victim Issues aims to improve understanding of the evolving needs of victims of crime, and to increase victim confidence in the criminal justice system.  Its activities include:

  • acting as a “victim’s lens” for federal laws and activities that impact victims of crime, which includes analyzing potential criminal law reforms and considering options for new legislation;
  • researching victim-related issues in areas such as the effects of legislative reforms (e.g. victim impact statements), best practices in victim service delivery, and emerging issues such as restorative justice;
  • administering the Victims Fund, a grants and contributions fund that supports projects that raise awareness and enhance services and assistance to victims of crime across Canada, and that provides limited direct financial assistance to victims of crime;
  • providing public legal education and information about the role of victims in the criminal justice system and related legislation, through fact sheets, pamphlets, handbooks, and the Policy Centre’s Web site;
  • working closely with other federal departments that share an interest in responding to the concerns of victims of crime (e.g. National Parole Board, Correctional Service Canada);
  • consulting with a broad range of stakeholders, including those who deliver services to victims of crime, to share knowledge and expertise.

The Policy Centre for Victim Issues does not provide criminal injuries compensation to victims of crime. The PCVI has a close working relationship with the provinces and territories, which have primary responsibility for the delivery of victim services, including the provision of criminal injuries compensation to victims of crime, where such programs exist.

For information on the services provided to victims of crime in your jurisdiction, please click on the link provided below.

Provincial/Territorial Governments

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Our Partners

The Policy Centre for Victim Issues works with other federal government agencies and with provincial and territorial governments to improve the experience of victims of crime in the criminal justice system.

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