Victim’s right to information

Victims have the right to ask for information about the justice system, services available to them, and information about the progress of their case and the status of the person who harmed them.

Information Available to Victims

Right to information

Victims can request information about:

  • The criminal justice system and the role of victims;
  • Available victim services and programs, including restorative justice programs; and,
  • Their right to make a complaint if, in their opinion, their rights have not been respected.

Victims can also request information about their case, including:

  • The status and outcome of the investigation;
  • The scheduling, progress and final outcome of criminal proceedings;
  • Any review of an offender’s conditional release, and the timing and conditions of that release;
  • Copies of any orders about bail, conditional sentence, and probation; and
  • Information about an accused who has been found unfit to stand trial or not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder while that person is under the jurisdiction of a court or a Review Board.

Courts must ask the Crown if reasonable steps were taken to let the victim know of a plea agreement for murder or for serious personal injury offences, or on request by the victim for offences that carry a potential sentence of imprisonment of five years or more.

These rights are available to victims as of July 23, 2015 (90 days after Royal Assent to the Victims Bill of Rights Act).

Information for Registered Victims

Within the federal corrections and conditional release system, victims have the right to:

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Victims who have registered with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) or the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) are also able to get information about:

  • The status of the offender who harmed them;
  • The offender’s release date, destination and conditions of release 14 days prior to the release, unless the disclosure would have a negative impact on public safety;
  • Information about an offender’s progress in relation to their correctional plan;
  • A current photo of the offender prior to certain releases or the offender’s warrant expiry date;
  • Notification when a federal offender has been removed from Canada by the Canada Border Services Agency;
  • Copies of PBC decisions; and
  • CSC’s victim-offender mediation services.
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