An Access to Justice Index for Administrative Bodies

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The Department of Justice Canada has been working with a number of Federal Administrative Bodies to develop an Access to Justice Index for Federal Administrative Bodies (the “Index”).

The Index is designed to be a self-assessment tool for Administrative Bodies – provincial, territorial and municipal bodies, as well as, federal - to learn about themselves and to help identify practices that will improve access to justice. Other programs and projects that have a long-term goal of improving access to justice may also find value in reviewing the materials and using this tool.

This self-assessment tool is essentially an online survey consisting of a series of yes or no questions divided into four categories: Access to the Administrative Body; Processes; Costs; and Outcomes. A positive response to a question adds points to the score (1, 5, 10), but there are two questions where a negative response also gives points. Completing the survey may require input from a variety of groups within an organization, including communications or human resources. When using the tool, other groups in an organization such as communications or human resources may need to also be consulted for the answers.

Upon receipt of the completed survey, Justice Canada researchers will prepare a confidential report identifying the organization’s score for each category, an overall score, as well as areas for improvement. The report is then sent to the Administrative Body within 10 business days.

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The Index Challenge is currently in a pilot-phase. Justice Canada researchers are looking for approximately ten Administrative Bodies to answer the questions and provide feedback on the survey. The Social Security Tribunal (SST) recently released its results and you can read about them on the SST website.

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