The Divorce Act Changes Explained


Content of notice
(Section 16.9(2), Divorce Act

New section

Content of notice

(2) The notice must set out

(a) the expected date of the relocation;

(b) the address of the new place of residence and contact information of the person or child, as the case may be;

(c) a proposal as to how parenting time, decision-making responsibility or contact, as the case may be, could be exercised; and

(d) any other information prescribed by the regulations.
Old section


What is the change

This amendment lists the information that must be included in a relocation notice.

Reason for the change

The relocation notice must not only include the moving date, new address and contact information, but also propose how parenting time, decision-making responsibility and contact will be exercised following the move. Including this information can help resolve potential disputes.

This amendment also allows for additional information to be required through regulation.


March 1, 2021.