Information for professionals

Changes to the Divorce Act came into force on March 1, 2021. Changes to federal support enforcement laws will come into force at different times over the next two years. Learn more about the changes and new duties for professionals, as well as to access accredited training modules.

Overview of changes to family laws

Learn more about the changes to family laws.

Changes to the Divorce Act explained: Part I

A detailed explanation of the meaning and intention of each amendment to the Divorce Act.

Changes to the Divorce Act explained: Part II

An explanation of amendments to the Divorce Act that relate to inter-jurisdictional family law matters

Relocation Forms

Under the Divorce Act, there are requirements for giving notice about relocations and for objecting to the relocation of a child. The Department of Justice Canada has developed user-friendly versions of the prescribed forms to help people provide the information required under the Act and regulations.

For more information, please consult the fact sheet: Moving after separation or divorce?

Training for professionals

Online courses developed for legal advisers are now available. These courses will also be helpful to anyone wanting to understand more about the new legislation.

Fact Sheets for Professionals

An explanation of changes to the terminology in Divorce Act for educators and healthcare professionals.

HELP Toolkit: Identifying and Responding to Family Violence for Family Law Legal Advisers

A toolkit to help legal advisers identify and respond to family violence in family law cases.

Live Webinar

Virtual training to provide you with an overview of the upcoming changes to the Divorce Act.