2011 Simplified Tables in PDF Format

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Amendments to the Federal Child Support Tables came into effect on November 22, 2017. Use the 2011 tables to calculate a child support amount owed for a period before that date. Use the updated 2017 tables to calculate a child support amount for a period from November 22, 2017 onward.

To use the simplified tables:

  1. Determine the paying parent's income. (The online publication called The Federal Child Support Guidelines: Step-by-Step provides information on how to calculate income for child support purposes.)
  2. Find the table that matches the province or territory where the paying parent lives and the number of children being supported.
  3. On that table, find the income that is closest to the paying parent's income.
  4. Then look in the columns to the right of the income to find the child support amount that matches the number of children for whom you are determining child support.
  5. If the paying parent's income is over $150,000, please refer to the chart at the end of the simplified table to find out how much child support should be paid.

Simplified Table Disclaimer

The simplified tables provide general information only. They are not a legal document. The official legal version of the 2011 Federal Child Support Tables can be accessed here. Provincial or territorial guidelines may apply in some cases.

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