Contraventions Act Fund


The Contraventions Act allows for the creation of a ticketing scheme for federal regulatory offences designated as contraventions as an alternative to the summary conviction procedure in the Criminal Code.  The Act decriminalizes certain federal offences, ensures more effective application of federal statutes and reduces the workload of the courts by allowing the voluntary payment of fines.

Federal contraventions are prosecuted using provincial ticketing schemes. The Contraventions Act Administration and Enforcement Agreements” signed between the federal government and its provincial, territorial and municipal partners to implement and enforce contraventions cover issues related to the prosecution process, enforcement of fines, sharing of fines and the requirements to guarantee official language minority rights that the provinces and territories assume on behalf of the federal government.

The Contraventions Act Fund is a transfer payment program designed to provide provinces, territories and municipalities where the Contraventions Act is implemented with funding to undertake measures on Canada’s behalf that ensure that language rights are respected in relation to the issuing and processing of contraventions tickets. It supports a range of measures which include the hiring of bilingual staff, language training, bilingual signage and documentation.

Who is eligible?

  • Departments and agencies of the provinces and territories. 
  • Municipalities designated by the provincial and territorial governments as being responsible for providing judicial activities and extra-judicial services in both official languages. 


The objective is to implement, in cooperation with the provinces, territories and municipalities, measures to permit the use of both official languages in proceedings instituted under the Contraventions Act.


  • Provision of justice services;
  • Provision of language training;
  • Acquisition and use of electronic equipment to facilitate access to justice in English and French;
  • Development, production, translation and distribution of documentation in English and French;
  • Development, production and installation of bilingual signage;
  • Provision of interpretation services;
  • Development of short term projects (pilot projects, needs analysis, research projects etc.) the results of which will contribute to helping recipients to provide services in English and French in an efficient and economical manner;
  • Administration, travel and accommodation in support of other activities associated with the Contraventions Act Fund.

How to Apply  for Funding

To apply for funding, please contact the department using the coordinates indicated in the “Contact Information” section below.

Official Languages

In support of Section 41 of the Official Languages Act, the Department is committed to facilitate the participation of official language minority communities and their organizations in the development and assessment of the Department's policies, programs and services having significant impact on the development of the communities; and to take measures to ensure that the Department of Justice's programs and services reach official language minority communities. In the context of project funding, these measures include:

  • outreach to official language minority communities to enhance their understanding of the Department of Justice funding programs; and
  • encouraging contacts between organizations that are receiving financial assistance and official language minority organizations/groups to ensure that the needs of these communities are taken into consideration in relation to the proposed projects to be considered for Department of Justice Canada funding.

Sustainable Development

The Department of Justice encourages applicants to submit proposals electronically.  If you submit your application on paper, please consider printing on both sides of the paper. These actions will minimize environmental impacts.

Contact Information

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