The New-Brunswick Aboriginal Duty Counsel Project


The duty counsel lawyer encountered the majority of clients in-court. One of the main objectives of establishing a duty counsel project office on the reserve was to facilitate more intensive contact with the accused people. It was felt that the more intensive service was key to providing the service required to Aboriginal people who required more explanation about the charges against them and the nature of the court process.

Table 12.1: Location of Duty Counsel Contacts
Location Number Percent
In court 98 67.2 %
In custody 16 11.1 %
Band Office 23 15.4 %
N/A 9 6.3 %
TOTAL 146 100.0 %

There is no information about the differences between the nature and quality of contacts with clients at the band Office and in court. Nonetheless, this possibly indicates that a system could be designed to facilitate more first meetings between the duty counsel lawyer and clients at the band counsel office. This would allow the opportunity for discussion between the lawyer and clients in a less hurried atmosphere than the court.