The Views of Canadian Scholars on the Impact of the Anti-Terrorism Act


The following papers were submitted to Professor Thomas Gabor between January 2004 and the end of February 2004. They were reviewed by Professor Gabor and form the basis for the summary report above. It is important to note that submissions have not been edited and reflect the text that was submitted by the individual authors. The papers are in order of the author's last name.

  1. Rex Brynen, Department of Political Science, McGill University
  2. David Charters, Centre for Conflict Studies, University of New Brunswick
  3. Stuart Farson, Institute for Governance Studies, Simon Fraser University
  4. Robert Martyn, Department of History, Queen's University
  5. Kent Roach, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
  6. Martin Rudner, Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University
  7. Lorne Sossin, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
  8. James Stribopoulos, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
  9. Don Stuart. Faculty of Law, Queen's University
  10. Wesley K. Wark, Department of History/International Studies, University of Toronto
  11. Reg Whitaker, Department of Political Science, University of Victoria