Crime and Abuse Against Seniors:
A Review of the Research Literature With Special Reference to the Canadian Situation


List of Tables

Table 4.1
Prevalence and Incidence of Crime and Abuse Aimed at Seniors
Table 4.2
Senior vs. Non-Senior Victims of Selected Offences
Table 4.3
Reporting of Crime and Abuse Aimed at Seniors
Table 4.4
The Relationship Between the Accused and Victim of Violence
Table 4.5
Violent Victimization by Sex and Relationship to Accused, 2006
Table 4.6
Senior Victims of Violent Crime by Offence Type and Sex, 2006
Table 4.7
Rates of Family Violence by the Age of Seniors and Accused-Victim Relationship, 2006
Table 4.8
Injuries Incurred by Senior Victims of Violent Crime by Relationship With the Accused, 2006
Table 4.9
Injuries Incurred by Violent Crime Victims, by Sex and Age, 2007 (Rates per 100,000)
Table 4.10
Method of Violence Used in Family Violence Against Senior Victims by Sex, 2006
Table 4.11
Age Distribution of Persons Accused of Crimes Against Seniors and Non-Seniors, 2007
Table 4.12
Seniors' and Non-Seniors' Concerns and Precautions Relating to their Personal Safety