Final Report of the Ad Hoc Federal-Provincial-Territorial Working Group Reviewing Spousal Abuse Policies and Legislation


Charging Policy

Prosecution Policy

Alternative Justice Processes

Quebec does not have any official Alternative Measures programs and, accordingly, takes no position on the use of these programs in spousal abuse cases.

Co-ordination and Inter-sectoral Collaboration

Domestic Violence Courts and Specialized Criminal Justice Processing

Domestic Violence Legislation

Victim Services[202]

Shelters, Outreach, Advocacy and Other Support Services for Victims

Interventions for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

Abusive Partner Intervention Programs

Risk Assessment

15. It is recommended that the use of validated risk assessment tools be recognized as a way to help people make decisions at various stages of the justice system. It is recommended that jurisdictions further explore the use of risk assessment tools, and exercise caution when offering guidelines for intervention based on the results of their use. Any related training should communicate the limitations associated with risk assessment tools.

Monitoring and Accountability Mechanisms




An Effective Strategy to Respond to Domestic Violence

The elements of an effective response to domestic violence are common to each initiative undertaken and each focus of intervention:

Within each jurisdiction, a comprehensive, co-ordinated strategy is needed to address the problem of domestic violence and the factors that contribute to it. Such co-ordination needs to occur across policy sectors (social, justice, education and health) and all levels within each jurisdiction: at the provincial level (to establish a policy framework); at the local community level (to co-ordinate services and to identify needs, gaps and solutions); and at individual level (to provide effective case management and conferencing mechanisms). The essential ingredients of an effective strategy addressing domestic violence within each jurisdiction include resources, a focal point of leadership and co-ordination, senior-level commitment and support to undertake these initiatives, and an accountability framework based on commitment to a long-range vision.