Victims of Crime Research Digest No. 3

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Table of Contents

  1. Documenting the Growth of Resources for Victims/Survivors of Violence – by Myrna Dawson
  2. “Explain please!” Working with Victims and Restitution – by Susan McDonald
  3. Aboriginal Victimization in Canada: A Summary of the Literature – by Katie Scrim
  4. Accessing Hard-to-Reach Populations:  Respondent-Driven Sampling  - by Sidikat Fashola
  5. Victim Services in Canada: Results from the Victim Services Survey 2007/2008 – by Julie Sauvé
  6. Victim-Related Conferences in 2010

Every Victim Matters

The theme of the 2010 National Victims of Crime Awareness Week is “Every Victim Matters.” For those who work in the criminal justice system, particularly those who work directly with victims, these words ring true. In this third issue of the Victims of Crime Research Digest, several of the articles focus on research about under-served victims. Research can help to identify gaps in policy, program development, resources, and service. It can also help to identify needs and risk factors.

This issue begins with an article by Professor Myrna Dawson examining why we need to better understand and document services for victims of violence and their impact in Canada. Susan McDonald’s article discusses the information and assistance needs of victims as identified in a study on restitution in Saskatchewan. Katie Scrim reviews recent research on Aboriginal victimization, and Sidikat Fashola describes the use of the respondent-driven sampling method with “hard-to-reach populations.” Finally, Julie Sauvé summarizes findings from the 2007/08 national Victim Services Survey.

Full reports on most of these studies are forthcoming. For more information, please contact the Research and Statistics Division at

Pamela Arnott
Senior Counsel and Director
Policy Centre for Victim Issues

Susan McDonald
Principal Researcher
Research and Statistics Division

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