Multi-Site Survey of Victims of Crime and Criminal Justice Professionals across Canada: Summary of Police Respondents

Appendix A: Interview Guide and Self-administered Questionnaire for Survey of the Police


The Department of Justice Canada has recently launched a multi-site study of victims of crime and criminal justice professionals. The main objectives of this study are:

The following questions address issues relating to the role of the victim and the police in the criminal justice system, victim services, and the implementation of recent reforms to assist victims of crime through the criminal justice process.

The role of the victim

The role of the police

Victim services

Recent reforms relating to victims of crime

As you may know, a number of legislative changes at the federal level have been made relating to victims of crime and their participation in the criminal justice system (victim surcharge, victim impact statements, consideration of victim safety in bail decisions, assistance to victims testifying at trial, publication bans, etc.). The following questions address issues relating to the implementation of these provisions.

Restorative justice

Restorative justice considers the wrong done to a person as well as the wrong done to the community. Restorative justice programs involve the victim(s) or a representative, the offender(s), and community representatives. The offender is required to accept responsibility for the crime and take steps to repair the harm he or she has caused.


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