Staffing/Resourcing Function
June 2011

3. Observations – information systems

3.1 Reliability of Information Systems

The Corporate Programs Division has established procedures to ensure the reliability and integrity of PeopleSoft HRMS information to support decision making and accountability.

Departmental managers require accurate and timely information to help in the decision-making process. The Corporate Programs Division is responsible for issuing regular reports on a variety of subjects and in response to requests from departmental managers. It relies on the PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System (HRMS) to produce these reports. It is essential therefore that the data entered into the system is accurate.

The HRMS is the Department of Justice’s version of the PeopleSoft system that is used in many large federal departments. While the system uses a common platform, the application can be customized to fit client requirements. The audit team was informed that departmental managers had complained in the past about the reliability of the data in HRMS and the system’s lack of flexibility.

In order to improve data integrity, in 2003 the Corporate Programs Division developed a Data Integrity Monitoring and Auditing Framework that describes the roles and responsibilities of all parties dealing with the HRMS. The framework designated power users for each region to be the main point of contact and provide liaison and training with other regional users.

As a result of the Monitoring and Auditing Framework, the Statistics and Data Integrity Unit within Corporate Programs initiated a number of processes, including running reviews of HRMS data, analyzing the data to establish error rates, and forwarding the results of this analysis to regional power users for corrective action. In addition, the Statistics and Data Integrity Unit holds monthly teleconferences to discuss data integrity issues with power users from each region. The unit keeps agendas and minutes of these teleconferences.

HRMS data quality was not tested as part of this audit. However, interviews with departmental managers and staff indicated that data quality has improved and there is more confidence in the reliability of HRMS data.

The audit team reviewed regular and ad hoc reports and found them to be clear, logical, and professionally presented. This is confirmed by departmental managers who state that they are generally satisfied with the reports. Although the HRMS has some limitations, we found that Corporate Programs staff respond to most information requests to the clients’ satisfaction.

The audit team is of the view that the Corporate Programs Division makes appropriate use of the PeopleSoft HRMS to support decision making and accountability.

The Client Operations and Senior Management Services Division does not provide departmental managers with regular updates on staffing activities.

Departmental managers may at any time have a number of staffing actions under way. Keeping track of the status of these actions can be a significant task. According to departmental managers interviewed, the Client Operations and Senior Management Services Division does not currently provide regular formal reports on staffing activities. Management confirmed that, instead, staffing advisors communicate verbally with clients and provide oral or electronic updates on staffing actions, usually when requested by departmental managers. Only one Portfolio manager has requested and receives regular reports. While some departmental managers interviewed were satisfied with the current informal reporting, others would like to receive regular progress reports on their staffing activities. The audit team concurs with the need to capture client requirements and expectations regarding reporting on staffing activities. In our view, staffing status reports could eventually become part of the services offered to clients.

The audit team was informed that the Client Operations and Senior Management Services Division is currently exploring solutions with HRMS staff to provide departmental managers with regular status reports on staffing activities.

Recommendation and Management Response

6. It is recommended that the Director General, HRPDD ensure that departmental managers are provided with regular updates on staffing activities. (Low risk)

Agreed. HR is working on an excel spreadsheet that will be used in each individual staffing process and will be attached to the electronic screening board report (which is currently in use) which will allow managers to verify the status of their staffing files through RDIMs. Completion date: November 2011.

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