Multi-Year Evaluation Plan
2008-09 to 2010-11

Appendix C: Terms of Reference for the Departmental Audit and Evaluation Committee


The Audit and Evaluation Committee meets bi-monthly or as required at the call of the Chair.


The Audit and Evaluation Committee assists the Deputy Minister to discharge his responsibilities with respect to the government's internal audit and evaluation policies.


Membership of the Committee is determined by the Deputy Minister and is intended to be representative of the Department. The current composition of the Committee includes:


John H. Sims, Deputy Minister


Alyson MacLean, Senior Evaluation Manager, Evaluation Division


Resource Person


The key responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  1. Assist in ensuring that the roles and functions of internal audit and programme evaluation and the responsibilities of all personnel involved in those processes are communicated and understood in the Department.
  2. Advise the Deputy Minister of the implications of issues raised by central agencies and other governmental organizations in relation to internal audit and programme evaluation.
  3. Examine periodically the Department's internal audit and programme evaluation policies and, if required, make proposals for change to the Deputy Minister.
  4. Examine annually the internal audit and programme evaluation plans and make recommendations to the Deputy Minister concerning these plans. In reviewing the plans, the Committee will pay special attention to departmental and central agency priorities, high risk and high expenditure areas, the needs of departmental managers, the potential impact of the projects and the availability of human and financial resources.
  5. Advise the Deputy Minister, when required, with respect to the findings, recommendations and management responses contained in audit and evaluation reports.
  6. Receive periodically reports prepared by the Internal Audit and Programme Evaluation sections concerning the status of actions taken by managers in response to audit and evaluation reports and problems encountered by managers in implementing recommendations.
  7. Advise the Deputy Minister, as required, with respect to the findings contained in external audit reports, such as the Auditor General's reports.