Unified Family Court, Summative Evaluation

1. Introduction

To meet Treasury Board Secretariat requirements, the Department of Justice is required to undertake a summative evaluation of the Unified Family Court (UFC). The final draft evaluation report was distributed to the provinces that participated in this evaluation and their comments were incorporated in the report.

The following report represents the findings of the Summative Evaluation of the Unified Family Court. Background and contextual information to family law and the UFC model is contained in Section 2. The methodology and scope of work are detailed in Section 3. Relevance and success related to the UFC are presented in Sections 4 and 5, respectively. A discussion of some of the efficiencies realized by the UFCs and some alternative models is contained in Section 6. The conclusions based on key findings are presented throughout the report as lessons learned are summarized in Section 7. The recommendations and management response are provided in Section 8.