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Evaluation of the Contraventions Act Program (March 2017)

Parliament adopted the Contraventions Act to establish a ticketing system that could be used to enforce certain federal statutory offences designated as contraventions. This system is expected to better reflect the distinction between criminal offences and regulatory offences and to alter or abolish the consequences in law of being convicted of a contravention. Justice Canada also established the Contraventions Act Fund to support the implementation of the Contraventions Act in a manner consistent with all applicable constitutional and legislative language rights. This evaluation covers both the Act and the Fund.

What was found


About the evaluation

The Department of Justice Canada’s programs are evaluated every five years to meet the accountability requirements of the Treasury Board’s Policy on Results, address requirements of senior management, and inform the renewal of programs and agreements.

The evaluation covers the activities of the Program carried out during a period of three fiscal years, from 2013–14 to 2015–16, using information collected through four lines of inquiry to assess the relevance and performance of the Program.

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