Results at a glance - Evaluation of the Indigenous Courtwork Program (March 2018)

Established in 1978, the objective of the Indigenous Courtwork Program (ICW) is to contribute to achieving the federal government's commitment to ensuring fair, equitable, culturally relevant treatment for Indigenous people involved with the justice system. The Program is guided by a Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Working Group and a Tripartite Working Group (TWG) which serve as policy forums for ongoing monitoring of inter-jurisdictional issues.

What was found


Recommendation 1: It is recommended that Justice Canada, in collaboration with the provinces, territories and service delivery agencies, as appropriate, review the scope of services and activities of the Courtworkers in the ever-changing criminal justice system. Consideration should include how to best align funding with the priorities.

Recommendation 2: It is recommended that Justice Canada, in collaboration with the Tripartite Working Group (TWG), review the Terms of Reference with a view to developing recommendations for consideration by the FPT Deputy Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety that will modernize the TWG Terms of Reference. Consideration should include:

About the evaluation

The purpose of the national ICW Program evaluation is to examine the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the Program, in accordance with the Treasury Board  2016 Policy on Results. For the full report, please visit the Evaluation Division website.